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Growing peppers? Or want to know how to grow peppers? This is the site for you, growing peppers has never been as easy as it is today. The choice of different peppers available in today’s markets makes growing peppers the easy part and choosing which peppers to grow out of this vast choice the hard part.

There are so many types of peppers and chili peppers being created daily that many of them don’t have names yet, it’s thought that roughly 2500 new peppers get made every year.

Hot climates are favourable for growing peppers and chilli peppers but many households around the world grow peppers successfully each year in less than ideal temperatures. aims to bring you all the information your need to know for growing peppers in any climate around the world, for Bell peppers to Habanero peppers.

This website is here for people who haven’t a clue about growing peppers and pepper growing experts alike, if you have any questions that you cannot find answers for on this site please let me know at the contact page available so I can see that it becomes available for you and others in the future.

For further information, we are now referring users to the community edited facts about peppers page on