Information on Growing Tasty or Hot Peppers

The name for the jalapeno peppers comes from Japala in the Mexican state of Vercruz the place in which this pepper was first discovered. Jalapeno peppers are best and ready when they are firm, a fresh green colour, and smooth skinned.

Jalapeno Peppers were much more popular before the now more popular habanero peppers came into fame. Jalapenos are still used thoroughly in bottled salsa because of its unique taste and rich flavour.

Jalapeno peppers are available all year round, they start off dark green and ripen and sweeten to red. These peppers are a fraction of the heat of a habanero at 3,500 – 4,500 scovile heat units and have fruit size of 2 – 3 inches long depending on the plant size.

The height of a jalapeno plant can be anywhere between 24 – 48 inches high needing a planting distance of preferably 18- 24 inches apart. Full sun is ideal for this plant and a very alkaline soil of about pH 9.0 or more. Water often but be careful to not over water. Dry lines are common and are not blemishes but a sign of maturity and hotness.

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