Information on Growing Tasty or Hot Peppers

The name habanero has the meaning ‘from Havana’, many habanero peppers are harvested all over the world from places like Belize, Costa Rica, Texas and California but most are from Yucatan in Mexico where they produce about 1,500 tons every year.

Habaneros mostly come in an orange or red colour but more uncommon are white brown and pink/salmon colours, these chilli peppers are the hottest type of pepper available in the supermarkets today, if you’re looking to buy a hot pepper this is the one for you.

GNS Spices of Southern California have developed a habanero pepper called the Red Savina habanero which holds the worlds hottest spice record at 580,000 Scoville units in the book of Guinness world records. The average habanero pepper measures around the 200,000 – 300,000 scoville units range which is still extremely hot, making this the hottest pepper available commercially.

Habanero chili pepper plants grow to about 24cm – 36cm high and are best planted 24cm – 36cm apart, the actual pepper growing to around 1 – 2.5 inches long. Ideally these plants would need to be in a sunny/lightly shaded area with average watering to bring out the fruity flavour of the pepper.

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