Information on Growing Tasty or Hot Peppers

Growing peppers from seed is much cheaper than buying pepper seeds from anywhere else but for you, buying pepper seeds might be a better option. You can make your own pepper seeds by getting a ripened pepper and taking the seeds out and letting them air for a week or two, after this you should put them in a cool dry place for anywhere from six months to a year.

When your peppers are ready, use a plastic tray or pot depending on how many pepper seeds you are planning to grow, with drainage holes. Start planting your pepper seed roughly a month before last frost is due. You can use any kind of growing soil for your pepper seed / plant, placing the seed in the middle and pushing down to the required depth like with any other seed.

Pepper seeds like a warm temperature to grow in and especially a warm base for them, maybe a heated plate or surface would be sufficient. Pepper seeds will not need much water and it’s a good idea to water the plant from a tray at the bottom of the plant, leaving the soil lighter and the plant with a enough water supply before removing the tray or excess water after a short while.

If your pepper seed is too dry your seed will not grow so a good suggestion is to put plastic film over the top of the plant pot / tray until growing has properly begun. After this stage your pepper plant will need plenty in the way of nourishments. A good choice fertilizer is 15-15-15 (as marked on the container). This fertilizer will give plenty of nitrogen for foliage growth and healthy green colour, potassium for helping to fight off disease, and phosphorous to help cell division, flower and seed production and strong roots.

To finish off, before placing your new pepper plant out into the open, try introducing your plant to the cold gradually by putting it outside during the day and back inside at night for a couple of weeks so it has time to change and adapt to the cooler climates.