Information on Growing Tasty or Hot Peppers

Cayenne peppers and the name Cayenne comes from city of Cayenne in French Guiana. These chili peppers are also called African Pepper, Devil’s Tongue, Red Bird Pepper, and Hot Flame peppers.

Although cayenne peppers originally come from central and South America and the West Indies, many cayenne peppers now come from China, Turkey, Nigeria, Spain and Mexico for commercial use with things like salsa and grounded pepper.

Cayenne peppers have little aroma and are also used for medical purposes due to their high vitamin A content which helps with smooth skin and your vision along with being thought to get rid of backache and toothache.

12- 24 inches is a normal height for a cayenne pepper plant and they should be planted roughly 12- 15 inches apart. This will produce a pepper of about 3- 6 inches long with an average of around 5,000 – 30,000 scoville heat units from Ph5 – 7 growing soil with full sun exposure.

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