Information on Growing Tasty or Hot Peppers

Bell peppers are probably the most know variety of peppers today. They are different from other peppers in that they do not contain the normal gene which creates capsaicin in hotter peppers, capsaicin is the chemical that makes peppers hot/acidic or not.

Bell peppers are preferred by many because of the lack of sharpness or hotness associated with other peppers making bell peppers a favourite for salads and other light meals.

Bell peppers are known more commonly and specifically as green peppers, red peppers and yellow peppers. When green peppers are left to mature on the stalk they become the sweeter red pepper then can change to yellow orange or brown.

The height of a bell pepper plant should be around 18- 24 inches and 18- 24 inches apart, from this a fruit roughly 4 – 6 inches will be produced, for a pepper with a sharper taste pick when they are green, or wait and get a sweeter tasting red bell pepper or yellow bell pepper. The more acidic the soil the sharper the taste will be on the fully grown bell peppers.

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