Information on Growing Tasty or Hot Peppers

Banana peppers get their name, as you may have guessed, from their shape and colour. The banana pepper is about 2- 3 inches long and curved to a point and is one of the more popular garden variety peppers to be grown due to its sweet taste.

The banana pepper also know as the yellow wax pepper or banana chili is like most other peppers in that it goes from unripe green to the ripened colour of yellow and then to a sweeter red colour.

Tasting juicy and normally mild with a crispy fresh taste, the banana pepper is a favourite for salads and other light meals. The banana pepper can also be found to be spicier with a much hotter taste also, but generally mild with a scoville heat unit range of close to zero.

The banana pepper plant grows to anywhere from 18 – 36 inches high and should be planted with spacing of 18 – 24 inches. Average water is needed but be careful not to over water. The banana pepper plant is preferably in full sun with a soil ph value of around 6.5 depending on taste requirements.

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